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Society. “Establishing common values”

Corporate social responsibility comes as a matter of course for HUGO BOSS. The Group is aware that its success also depends on an intact society. Its economic strength empowers and obliges it to support society and work towards improvements.

The framework for corporate social responsibility is defined by HUGO BOSS’ code of conduct. It prohibits donations to political parties and their representatives, as well as to organizations such as trade unions, consumer rights groups and environmental protection groups, with which conflicts of interests might arise. Furthermore, the code outlines specific criteria for HUGO BOSS’ philanthropic donations.

HUGO BOSS has aligned its corporate social responsibility to helping disadvantaged children lead a better life, particularly by granting them access to education. To this end, the Group works together with selected child welfare organizations. UNICEF and HUGO BOSS have been partners in this area for many years. The Group has been successfully supporting the UNICEF initiative “Schools for Africa” for many years now and supports educational projects in Bangladesh. HUGO BOSS also provides aid when crises occur and targeted assistance is needed. For example, in 2014 HUGO BOSS implemented an internal Christmas campaign, in order to aid Syrian child refugees. At a national level, HUGO BOSS champions children and young people, for example as a partner of the Off Road Kids foundation. This is an organization providing aid to street children throughout Germany.

HUGO BOSS and its employees at the headquarters are also firmly embedded in the community in Metzingen. For example, the Group has joined forces with the works council in numerous regional charitable works and supports medical, societal and charitable organizations. The Group has also worked with the children’s cancer ward in Tübingen for many years, which it supports with unwavering commitment by giving donations in cash and kind.

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