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Employees (Photo)

The work of the almost 13,000 employees of the HUGO BOSS Group worldwide is the basis of the Group’s success. The skills of the employees and their passion for fashion find their expression in unmistakable products. The central aim of personnel work in the HUGO BOSS Group is to foster team spirit and the motivation of employees in an international environment, while creating a culture of openness and creativity that allows each and every individual to realize their full potential. HUGO BOSS’ corporate values of quality, passion, respect, cooperation and innovation provide the cornerstones of this work.

Corporate values shape culture of collaboration

The mission statement “HUGO BOSS inspires people towards success” is founded on the five corporate values of quality, passion, respect, cooperation and innovation. These values shape employees’ daily work with each other and reflect the corporate culture of the HUGO BOSS Group. Human resources management at the Group aims to breathe life into the values underpinning the mission statement. Last year, for example, a communications platform was established to encourage an innovative mindset, allowing employees to share ideas and suggestions for improving their day-to-day routines. The best ideas received awards and were put into practice. In addition, employees at all management levels across the Group drew up principles of leadership that are based on the five corporate values and ensure that the mission statement is firmly anchored in the management culture. Sustainability

Staff survey measures the success of the personnel strategy

The aim of personnel work at HUGO BOSS is to attract the right people to the Group, retain them over the long term and systematically support their development so that they can reach their full potential. A range of inspiring and challenging tasks helps ensure that each individual contributes as best they can, thereby fostering the long-term success of the Group. To ensure this, it is very important to the Group to find out how individual employees view their employer, their working conditions and the duties assigned to them. An anonymous survey was therefore carried out among the employees of HUGO BOSS AG last year for the first time. The participation rate of around 70% reflects the strong commitment of the workforce, and the overall satisfaction score of almost 80% confirms the appeal that HUGO BOSS has as an employer. The findings of the survey will be used in the coming fiscal year to implement measures aimed at further increasing satisfaction, and the success of these activities will be measured in annual staff surveys.

Branding campaign enhances Group’s attractiveness as an employer

The employer branding campaign that HUGO BOSS launched in 2013 to position itself as an attractive employer in the market was continued and enhanced in the last fiscal year. This is reflected in the extensively overhauled careers website and the introduction of a new applicant management system. With its extended functionality, greater focus on internationality, intuitive structure and uniform visual and verbal language, HUGO BOSS’ careers website offers job applicants a coherent and attractive first point of contact with the Group.

Personnel work focuses on own retail

Another focus of personnel work last year was on aligning human resources with the Group’s strategic focus on its own retail business. A manual for personnel management at the Group’s own stores was released at all subsidiaries to standardize staff recruitment, development and motivation processes. Last year, the Group also started implementing a system at its own stores for optimizing personnel resource planning on the basis of historical data. This makes it possible to ensure that the ideal number of employees with the necessary qualifications are available on the shop floor at all times and that the applicable requirements under labor law are also observed.

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