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Elevation of the BOSS core brand

Nuanced brand portfolio addresses different customer requirements

The Group reaches out to consumers with BOSS, by far its largest single brand, as well as HUGO. Whereas the BOSS core brand epitomizes authentic, understated luxury, HUGO is the fashion spearhead, featuring progressive looks and a modern, urban attitude. The BOSS core brand is flanked by the brand lines BOSS Orange and BOSS Green. BOSS Orange is synonymous with urban casualwear, reflecting a laid-back approach to life. BOSS Green is the active HUGO BOSS sportswear line, transcending the border between fashionable leisurewear and performance golf apparel. With its brand portfolio, HUGO BOSS is able to respond to the diverse requirements of different target groups, creating offerings for different occasions to wear.

HUGO BOSS brand positioning

HUGO BOSS brand positioning (graphics)

Elevation of the BOSS core brand supports the growing verticalization of the brand portfolio

HUGO BOSS sees significant growth potential in the expansion of its luxury offering, which complements the strong positioning in the premium segment it has obtained over the years. With this in mind, it is working on enhancements to its BOSS core brand, particularly in markets in which the brand has historically been perceived predominantly in a multibrand setting and via its entry-price products. Consequently, HUGO BOSS offers its customers a globally consistent brand image and a comprehensive range extending up into the high-end segment in terms of both style and price. The Group assumes that BOSS brand sales in the luxury segment will more or less double to around 20% by 2020. At the same time, BOSS is gradually withdrawing from the entry-price segment, which will in future be addressed by HUGO and BOSS Green in particular.

Reinforcement of the BOSS luxury offerings

BOSS is reinforcing its luxury offerings across the full breadth of its product portfolio. Under BOSS Tailored, BOSS offers unique cuts, fabrics of the highest quality and exquisite designs. The expansion of the range of Made to Measure suits and shirts underscores the Group’s competence in high-quality tailoring. In the sportswear segment, which will be harmonized even more closely with the tailoring segment in future, BOSS is also increasingly positioned at the leading edge of fashion.

Selective distribution of the core brand BOSS

The enhancement of the BOSS brand is also reflected in the Group’s distribution activities. Looking forward, the core brand will be given even more space at the Group’s own stores compared with the other brand concepts. Building on the exclusive setting and the quality of advice and service provided, a growing number of the Group’s own stores will in future offer the BOSS brand exclusively. In wholesale as well, the Group is intensifying its control of the brand by requiring its partners to distribute the BOSS core brand solely in a mono-brand setting, i.e. in shop-in-shops, in future. These shop-in-shops will be operated either by the partner or by the Group itself in the form of a concession model. In category business, retail partners will in future be offered HUGO in the tailoring segment and BOSS Green in the sportswear segment.

Brand communications focusing on the core brand BOSS

The reputation of the BOSS core brand shapes the overall perception of the brand portfolio as a whole. For this reason, the Group is focusing brand communications even more intensively on its core brand than in the past. In communicating its brand message of inspiring people to success, the Group is primarily using its historical strength in tailoring. In this way HUGO BOSS is honing the way in which it is perceived by end consumers and generating strong brand recognition. In addition to traditional print advertising (in which creative input has been raised to a new level in the case of womenswear in particular), retail marketing activities centering on the now larger flagship store portfolio, fashion shows and sponsoring, digital communication formats are now also playing an increasingly important role. Using attractive content, HUGO BOSS is progressively strengthening customer ties at an emotional level and broadening its reach through the use of digital networks.

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